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  Fun 2B Fit Quiz for Kids!
1) Which of the following are things you can do to be ‘fit’?
Play catch with someone
See how many jumping jacks you can do in 30 seconds
Rake and bag the leaves in your yard in the fall
Make a snow fort in your front yard in the winter
All of the above
2) Before your soccer game starts, it is important to:
Stretch your muscles
‘Warm up’ your body so you don’t get hurt during the game
Make sure you have lots of water to drink
Remember to do your best and have fun!
All of the above
3) Which one of the following lunches is the healthiest choice?
Potato chips, an ice cream sandwich, and a can of soda
A peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread, grapes, and skim milk
Cheeseburger, french fries, and a piece of chocolate cake
Crispy chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, and an ice cream sundae
4) 4. Being fit and eating healthy makes you feel____________
like you have more energy
5) True or False: An example of something you can do to be ‘fit’ is to sit in front of the TV on a sunny Saturday morning.
6) True or False: Cookies and potato chips are healthy snacks.
7) There’s a new food on your dinner plate and you never tried it before. What should you do?
Don’t eat it
Smell it and take a small taste to see if you like it
Throw it on the floor and give it to your dog
Hide it in your napkin and hope your parents don’t see
8) True or False: If you could have either soda or skim milk, the healthy choice would be skim milk because it has VITAMINS in it that make your bones strong.
9) Some things you can do in the grocery store to help your parents shop and to make shopping more fun are:
Try new foods when there are samples for you at the store
Visit the lobsters and fish in the tanks
Ask your mom or dad about where the food comes from or what is in it
All of the above
10) What should you do if you’re not sure if a food is a healthy food or not?
Ask a grown-up
Eat it anyway
Don’t eat it because ALL healthy food tastes bad
Throw it away

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If your score is under 100%, try the questions with the red X again.