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Univera Healthcare's Fun 2B Fit Program

Reactions from parents:

“We are fairly health-conscious parents...even still the program helped reinforce our healthy lifestyle!”

“It's challenging to have my son realize he can't always have fries, chicken fingers, and pizza. The Fun 2B Fit grocery pad reminds us to purchase whole grains and other healthy staple items. The healthy items are the first thing you look at since they're at the top of the list.”

Grand Island:
“My child came home from school and could not stop playing with the stopwatch. He and is friend were having races in the driveway and playing different games with their stopwatches in the backyard. By the time the bus came, they were sweating! They also discovered that if they lifted up their legs when sitting on the couch the number on their pedometer went up. What a great stomach exercise!”

Grand Island:
"I believe parents and adults need to lead by example and make healthy food choices and exercise regularly. Univera Healthcare's Fun 2B Fit program gives parents and kids the tools they need to make healthy decisions."

“The kids are constantly reminded about the Fun 2B Fit program and what they learned because of the stopwatches and green Univera bags.”

“I'm always very interested in what my sons are doing at school. I thought it was very important to have them try these new foods (as part of the Fun 2B Fit taste testing) so I volunteered to make them. If you start young and help them make good choices, and involve them so they're a part of it, it's very beneficial.”

North Tonawanda:
“My daughter loves the healthy activity planner and has been making better food choices since she started tracking with the stars.”

“I have been trying for years to get my second grader to eat wheat bread, but after the Fun 2B Fit taste testing he came home and asked me to go to Wegmans and buy wheat bread.”