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  Fun 2B Fit Quiz for Adults!
1) Experts recommend at least _______ of moderate physical activity (walking, bicycling, yard work) on 5 or more days each week.
5 minutes
10 minutes
30 minutes
60 to 90 minutes
2) Once you've made walking a regular habit, you should set a longer-term goal for yourself, such as walking briskly for at least 30 minutes a day or for a daily total of _________ steps, five days a week or more.
3) BMI stands for:
Body Monitoring Input
Behavior and Muscular Intelligence
Bone Mass Increase
Body Mass Index
4) You can help support your child's healthy lifestyle choices by:
Setting limits on your child's daily television and computer time (the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a maximum of 1 to 2 hours' screen time per day).
Making physical activity a part of your family's daily life.
Making an effort to eat as a family as often as possible, keeping family meals pleasant and positive.
Taking your child to all recommended well child checkups and using the time to discuss your child's growth rate, activity level, and nutrition with your child's health professional.
All of the above.
5) It can be challenging to offer new foods at a meal. Children typically require ___ to ___ exposures to a new, “questionable” food before trying and liking it:
1 to 2
3 to 4
4 to 5
10 to 15
6) If you have a child who is overweight, it is recommended you do all of the following EXCEPT:
Deprive your child, or you, of certain foods
Limit or eliminate sport drinks and soft drinks, as well as fruit drinks, cocktails, and "-ades," all of which are packed with sugar
Limit random eating. Schedule snacks for when your child is most hungry, such as after school or exercise.
Avoid using food as a reward, whether for an achievement, or for eating all of one's green beans.
7) True or False: Weight loss is the best measure of progress with a fitness program.
8) True or False: If you don’t have hand weights, you can substitute books, cans (vegetables, soup, etc.) or even water bottles.
9) True or False: Many of the benefits of being physically active, such as more energy and improved mood, occur soon after you become more active.
10) True or False: All foods, if eaten in moderation, can be part of a healthy diet.

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