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Univera Healthcare's Fun 2B Fit Program

Reactions from Teachers:

Elma Primary:
“What an innovative program! We love to see the excitement from our students when they try something new! It also reiterates living a healthy lifestyle and making good choices. Every little push towards exercise and nutrition makes a BIG difference!”

Sweet Home Central School District, Amherst:
“As school health professionals and teachers, we know that nutrition, exercise, sleep and leisure activities are the parameters of good health that produce excellence in our students. Univera Healthcare's comprehensive program is a precious asset to our school district's students and families. Allowing this program to complement our Health and Wellness instruction helps students to form healthy habits and become better learners.”

Heim Elementary, Williamsville:
“Heim Elementary School absolutely loved the Univera Fun 2B Fit program. The students and staff thought the program was very informative, engaging and fun. Virginia and Sandy were dynamic in their presentation and activities that taught important information about nutrition and fitness. We appreciated all your time and energy! Thank you for all that you do to help us stay healthy and fit.”

Elma Primary:
“It got students thinking about food choices and healthier ways to eat. Also, it made them think of other ways to be creative with ingredients.”

Roosevelt Elementary, Kenmore:
“I loved the variety of foods the children were exposed to, it was great to stress the importance of healthy eating, as well as the fact that they could participate in the actual preparation.”

Willow Ridge Elementary, Amherst:
“Excellent interactive program. The kids really enjoyed the physical activity.”

Kaegebein Elementary, Grand Island:
“The students enjoyed the recipe cards that followed each taste testing.”

Errick Road Elementary: Wheatfield:
“The students really enjoyed the taste testing program. They succeeded in exposing the children to new types of foods.”

Alden Intermediate:
“The aspects of the Fun 2B Fit program that were effective was the emphasis on the factors that contribute to fitness: exercise, food choices, lifestyle, etc. Also, stressing that we all need to take the initiative and make choices that will lead to fitness. The book bags and gifts were a big hit! These items will certainly remind the students of what they learned.”

Cayuga Heights Elementary, Depew:
“Great program. Olivia and T were engaging and fun; the kids enjoyed moving around.”

Marilla Primary:
“The watch and pedometer inspired the kids. There were energetic presenters, live music and fun activities for the children.”

Willow Ridge Elementary, Amherst:
“The program was very well designed and included activity and involvement for school personnel, students and parents." "Kids loved the incentives and became more aware of the importance of physical activity and making healthy eating choices.”

Alden Intermediate:
“The program was fun, organized, informative and an interesting presentation. Nice job and hats off to the presenters!”

Community Charter School of Buffalo:
“The 2Smart 2Start and Fun 2B Fit programs bring the school, parents, and students together towards developing healthy, life-long habits. The programs teach all of us that we can take control and responsibility for our health. Developing healthy habits at an early age is crucial and that correlation between healthy bodies and minds will improve learning and academic performance.”